So She Takes Out Some Shoelaces. What Key Survival Skill Does She Use Them For? Genius!

The primary trait that I’ve found among all preppers (at least the serious ones) is that they learn to be infinitely adaptable. They seem to develop a mindset that says “no matter what life throws at me, I’ll learn to take it and make the best that I possibly can out of it”. In other words, if life serves up lemons, then learn to make lemonade!

The woman in this video certainly seems to have this way of thinking on board. Her name is Lilly, and she’d hurt her hand badly, but she didn’t let that stop her – she adapted instead, and that attitude should be a lesson for all of us.

Check out Lilly over the next page as she uses her left hand to adapt some shoe laces as survival cordage!


So, what can you do with some shoe laces? Well just take a look and be amazed!