You Spend About 1/3 Of Your Life Asleep. Do You Know What Critical Items To Keep Beside You When Sleeping After SHTF?

For most of us, a good eight hours of sleep a night is a must for our continued good health and mental alertness. I know that some people seem to be able to survive comfortably on a lot less, but I’m in the eight hour camp, and I can get very cranky if my sleep quota is disrupted.

 It’s not going to be any different after the major SHTF scenario happens. We’re still going to need our sleep quota, and we won’t be able to stay awake and alert at all times.

The big difference now though, is that you’re in far more potential danger when sleeping than you were before. There’s going to be all sorts of bad guys out there who can steal your stuff or do you harm, and you’re also likely going to be sleeping – at least initially – in a far less secure shelter than a brick home.

So you need to learn how to sleep safely, and especially what sort of items you need to keep readily to hand so that you can grab them really quickly when needed.

Luckily there’s a good solution to this. It’s called a “Bedroom Survival Kit”, and it’s something that you, as a prepper, really need to know about…

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