Propane Or Kerosene? Read This Guide To Discover Which Is Best For Heating And Long-Term Survival

When the major SHTF scenario happens, we’re going to obviously need to have access to some form of portable and easy to use fuel for heating and also for various utensils such as ovens and barbecues. I’m hoping that you’ve already got a survival kit planned with this in mind?

fire starter offer There are two main candidates for the fuel: propane and kerosene. Each of them has their own ardent supporters of course, and each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. But which of them is actually going to come out best when it comes to your survival needs?

When working out the comparisons, it’s obviously important to consider which works best for particular types of device, but it’s also vital to consider other factors such as cost, portability and also availability.

So that’s why this guide was compiled – to help do just that. Read it, I think you’ll find it interesting…

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