Why This Prepper Uses SAILING To Hone His Survival And Bugging-Out Skills

Sailing is one of those pastimes that seems to polarize people isn’t it?

It’s something that you either seem to love, or you view it as a pointless way spending time getting cold and wet. I’ll be honest with you, after the times I’ve tried it I’m of the latter viewpoint. But, after reading about the way that this keen sailor uses his passion to hone his survival skills, then I might just switch over!

According to him, this seemingly insane activity is actually a major key to becoming a skilled survivalist – and yes, you did read that correctly.

Firstly, it’s a great means of staying out of the reach of people that would do you harm – you’re a lot harder to get at on the water. Secondly it’s a great environment for practicing those survival skills and lastly, a boat can be an amazing bug-out shelter – both self-contained and also mobile!

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