Credit-Card Knife Offer Available Again!

Here’s something that should interest you! have re-posted their promotional offer of a free credit-card knife (see points below). I don’t know how long it’s going to be available for this time, so you should take advantage of it while you still can.

Checkout  the video to see how they work. They’re a really neat and useful little tool, with a razor-sharp blade. I got one about a year ago and used it often, but then left my wallet behind in a diner, so that was the last I saw of it 🙁 .

So I’ve ordered a couple more and will keep one in my car now as well – just as a backup.

Get Your Knife Here

Points to Note Before You Order:

  • There’s a couple of bucks s/h charge – so don’t come back to me with any pathetic whining! You can use PayPal so no need to give out CC details
  • The word is they’ve been very popular, so you’ll need to allow a while for delivery
  • NOT suitable for self defense – takes a few seconds to assemble
  • They have a carbon-steel blade, so be careful about going through airport security!


Get Your Knife Here