6 Basic Things You Should Always Keep In Mind When Building Your Homemade Weapons

The world after a major SHTF disaster strikes is going to be a far more dangerous place than it is now. Law and order as we know it is likely to totally or partially break down, depending on the nature of the disaster, and armed and desperate people are going to be out roaming the environment trying to steal any supplies and equipment they can lay their greedy hands on.

We’re certainly going to need our own prepper arsenal, and that will most likely include guns of some sort of course. Guns are portable, deadly and long range.

But don’t overlook alternative more low tech and possibly homemade weapons for your arsenal as well. Sure guns are great, but there are times when we want something quieter perhaps, or for some reason we don’t have access to them.

There are lot’s of homemade weapons that can be built quite easily, but before you start rolling up your sleeves, you need to ask yourself if it fits the required criteria in the following list…