(Video) The Ultimate EMP Survival Gear – A Bug-Out Bicycle! Absolutely Amazing

Up until a few years ago, no-one had really considered the dangers of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) threat. Now however, most experts consider that in a true SHTF scenario that an EMP attack is a very probably scenario.

hybeam offer It’s a pretty scary idea, because an EMP attack would at a stroke render all of our technological tools and utensils totally obsolete. Not just things such as our lighting and communications, but also of course our vehicles will fail.

Modern vehicles contain an incredible amount of electronic and computerized components, that control everything from the air-conditioning to the ignition system (and sorry, but the modern diesel vehicle is just as vulnerable).

So after an EMP attack our vehicles are going to be so much junk. Then how to we get around? Well, we have to revert back to old fashioned means such as horses, walking and of course bikes.

That’s what the guy in this incredible video has done – he’s built himself an amazing bug-out bike that you can use to keep himself mobile whilst carrying around all his survival gear – watch it and learn…

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