(Video) How To Turn A Spent Bullet Casing Into And Amazing Survival Tool!

Good preppers always know how to improvise. The problem is though that improvisation is a skill that doesn’t come naturally, at least to the great majority of people.

It’s a skill that needs to be learned from constantly being exposed to examples, so that’s why I’ve included this cool little video for you to enjoy.

The guy in it shows how he uses a simple old bullet case to create a simple survival tool that should be carried by all serious preppers – a whistle!

If you become separated from your family or companions in the wilderness then a whistle is really one of the most useful things you can have. It can help you locate each other, it can also enable you to communicate messages by way of morse code – or even a private code of your own.

Whistles aren’t hugely expensive, but there’s always something satisfying about making something yourself, rather than just buying it isn’t there?

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