(Video) Stop Over complicating Your Prepping Plans – Here’s The Basics You Need

You’ve probably discovered by now that it’s really easy to go totally overboard when putting together your prepping plans. We sit down making lists that cater to any possible scenario and before we know it, our home is full of supplies and equipment, most of which we’re never going to use or need.

That’s just the way human nature is I guess. Once we fixate on something then it’s almost inevitable that it can get rapidly out of control.

It’s not a bad thing of course to make plans and lists for you prepping. All I’m saying is that it’s really not that difficult to put together a plan that’s suitable for our needs and that doesn’t bankrupt us in the process. That philosophy is certainly emphasized in this genius video. The guy shares a great deal of prepping wisdom about tips and the key items you’ll need, with the focus on the latter.

So I strongly recommend you head over the next page and hear what he’s got to say:

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