(Video) When SHTF Your Money Might Become Totally Useless. Here’s 10 Ideas For Post-Collapse Currencies

Money is one of those things that’s become so much an integral part of all of our everyday lives, that we seldom, if ever give serious thought to what would happen if it became suddenly useless.

Basically, the value of money is underpinned by it’s Government backing. If (or more correctly – when) the SHTF and our Government fails, then that money will suddenly become totally useless to us. The cash is our pocket will serve no useful purpose other than to start a fire with and the financial resources we have stashed away in bank account will just disappear.

So what’s going to be the alternative when this scenario does happen? What are we going to use to trade with other people. Don’t fool yourself – you can do all the prepping in the world for the immediate future, but humans are social creatures by nature and in the medium to long-term some sort of trading/purchasing system is going to be needed.

fire starter offerSo that’s why I’ve posted up this really interesting and useflu video on alternative currency ideas. I found it fascinating and I hope you will as well…

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