(Video) No Bacteria, Germs Or Diseases. Just Pure Fresh Water By Using This Genius DIY Water Purification System!

Water is without a doubt the most valuable survival essential of all.

Without food the average healthy adult can survive for two or even three weeks (and let’s be honest about it – many of us are easily carrying around a week’s worth of stored fat supplies!).

It’s a totally different situation as regards water though. ¬†Without a safe and potable water supply, we won’t last more than two to three days, and I’m told that death by dehydration is extremely unpleasant.

So we all need to be giving serious priority thought to securing our own water supplies.

There’s often plenty of available water, but all too often it will be really unsafe to drink. This is where this amazing video comes in – it will show you haw to quite easily construct your very own water purification system. One that will provide quite adequate amounts of clean potable water to keep you and your family healthy when the SHTF situation strikes…

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