The Thumbdial: Learn How To Use It When Your Lost In The Fog – So Useful And Practical!

Every year we read so many stories about adventurous hikers who set out into the wilderness intent on finding some peace away from the civilized ratrace and end up getting themselves lost. Sometimes there’s a happy ending to the story and they get found, but tragically that’s sometimes not the case and they may never get found again.

The wilderness is a wonderful place to get out into. It really can seem to wash away the mundane worries and hassles of our daily lives. But, it also has some major risks attached to it. The wilderness is an unforgiving place and we have a responsibility when heading there to know what we’re doing, and not force others into risking their own lives looking for us.

One of the biggest dangers is simply getting lost, and it’s something that’s really easy to do – especially in conditions of fog or low visibility. If the sun is visible than you can use that to help you find your way, but if not then there is another way…

Read up about the “Thumbdial” over the next page. If the fog has set in and you’re lost then this can help you find your way home again!