This Is The Simplest Survival Tool You’ll Ever Make – And, It Even Doubles As A Makeshift Weapon!

If you’re a prepper then you’ll no doubt be familiar with websites that purport to be all about survival techniques, but in reality are nothing more than fronts for trying to sell you some high priced ‘essential’  piece of equipment that you just can’t do without.

Well, the fact is that a great deal of the equipment you are going to need can either be purchased quite cheaply (possibly second-hand), or you can re-purpose some existing stuff you have lying around your home, or – you can often make your own.

That’s certainly the case here. This article details how to ‘construct’ what is probably the simplest survival tool you’ll ever see and also, one of the most versatile. It can even serve as a handy weapon when everything starts heading south (and one that I wouldn’t want to face).

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