Alternative Ways To Communicate When You Need Radio Silence

We all know that when a real SHTF situation finally happens that the day-to-day technology that we have all come to depend upon so much is going to fail, and it is likely to fail very quickly.

Some of the most important and necessary things we will need to do are: finding allies, learning about what’s happening in the outside world, determining where the best safe zones and friendly communities are located. All of these will help us to function well beyond the basic solitary survival mode.

However, if you examine all of these requirements in a little more detail, you’ll probably realize that they all depend to a lesser or greater degree on a basic human ability – communication. If we cannot communicate with other like-minded allies and friends then we’re lost. mobile phone networks and Twitter won’t be of any use to us. We may have shortwave radio facilities available, but most likely not.

So head over the next page to discover some alternative and non-technological ways to communicate: