8 Common Urban Prepping Mistakes That Way Too Many Of Us Are Making

Prepping ┬áreally isn’t easy. As I discovered for myself when starting out on my prepper journey, there’s an awful lot to think about and plan for and at times it really does seem that I have brain overload.

Most preppers – and I was certainly included in this – give a lot of thought to being able to survive in a wilderness situation, but totally overlook the harsh reality, that the great majority of us now live in urban and city environments that are many miles away from any wilderness areas.

The chances are very high when SHTF that we’ll be somewhere in the middle of a city, and we’re going to need to survive (at least initially) in that, rather than the middle of a forest somewhere.

So here’s a list of 8 common urban survival mistakes that many would-be preppers make. I strongly suggest that if you either live or work in a city/urban environment that you take the time to read them and avoid making them yourself…

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