3 Ways That Skills Learned By Native Americans Can Help You Survive SHTF

It’s hard to face the fact, but when a major SHTF disaster scenario does strike that huge numbers – quite likely millions – of people are going to die. They will die because they made no efforts at all to prepare themselves for disaster and because they’ve become so cosseted by our modern lifestyle they’ll totally lack the skills necessary to survive.

As a prepper you understand this, but it’s still difficult to accept, after all, you’re going to know and possibly like some of those who won’t survive. However we preppers need to be able to deal with that scenario and keep on developing the necessary knowledge and skills to keep ourselves and our own families alive – hard as it is, the others are going to have to fend for themselves.

The ultimate (and original) preppers in this country are of course the Native Americans. They simply had no option but to learn to survive in incredibly harsh circumstances – circumstances that would finish most people today.

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