The 3 Tenets That Will Ensure You Build An Expert Level Bug-Out Bag

As preppers we’re really good at accumulating lot’s of gear and equipment – just ask my wife and she’ll tell you it’s true! There’s always something new and improved that we just must have, so out comes the credit card again.

In addition to equipment, we also invest a lot of time into planning our SHTF lives, and in particular our accommodation of shelter. After all, we still want to have lives after.

But there’s one smaller but still absolutely essential item of our equipment and planning that we either only pay lip service to or possibly even haven’t yet gotten around to putting together, and that’s our bug-out bag.

When we have to survive while we’re separated from all of our gear, or we have to flee in a hurry, our small but properly equipped bug-out bag will massively help carry us through. But it’s really difficult to know just what is going to be essential and what isn’t.

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