These 25 Survival Myths Could Actually Kill You – Glad They’be Been Debunked!

Let’s be quite honest about it – there’s an awful lot of information about the subject of prepping and survival out there on the net, and while a lot of it is very valuable, some of it is just plain good-old-fashioned bullshit!

In fact some of the stuff out there is not only factually incorrect, it’s downright dangerous. So much so that following it could actually get you killed.

So it’s a really wise idea to keep a critical eye on what you read. For myself, I always try to ensure that the information I share with you is good, but hey, some bad stuff might still slip through, I’m only human after all (although my kids might wish to dispute that!).

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to sort out what is the bad advice. So when you come across something you’re sure is wrong, I feel you have a duty to inform others. And that’s what the guy over the next page has done for us. He’s taken 25 of the most common and dangerous survival myths and put them together into one interesting video.

Check out the myths over the next page…