(Video)This Prepper Spent $65K On His Survival Bunker. Would You Do The Same If You Had The Money?

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So, let’s assume that a wealthy relative has just passed away and bequeathed you a nice lump sum of $65,000. What would you do with it? Maybe a fantastic, once in a lifetime vacation? Put it into an investment fund for your kids? Or would you do the same as this prepper in Utah and construct yourself an end-of-days survival bunker?

You’ve got to admire all of the planning and effort that went into it. He really does seem to have thought of everything: food supplies, money (including gold of course), weapons and equipment. He and his family are geared to survive just about anything.

Take a look at his bunker over on the next page, and also hear his philosophy about survival. I think some might find it extreme.

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